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"Calm down. It's no big deal. Get over it."

Parasites whisper under desks and steering wheels,
hypnotizing, leeching from eyes and thumbs

Advancing technology doubled our lifespans,
sent us to space and ocean floors,
brought worlds of information to our fingertips
so that we may hide behind keyboards,
bring down governments, buildings,
start wars no one will never win,
chase the trash from forums and social media sites

Fossil fuels in ashes piled
at our feet, around graves,
at the edges of town where mud-crawlers feast
Death is garbage to be avoided,
respected (loved) only by the quiet ones (freaks)
unless we send our enemies invitations
white-hot from friction, gunpowder, split atoms

Metal teeth kill deep, kill distant
play desert drones like video games
jungle wars for food and shiny rocks
masses raped and shot at a school somewhere:
In two days they will never have happened

Kings milk the cobra of her poison
before she can speak her strength
then claim her fangs are obscene

Pay millions of dollars in the name of progress (standards)
call it college, career, romance, health and beauty

If you're not amazing, you're not noticed
If you're too amazing, you're using steroids

Actions speak louder than words
but lobbyists have megaphones and earbuds
politicians have promises of white noise
police have tanks and tear gas
(thatescalatedquickly) ya think?

Pave gold-and-diamond roads
over trails of red skin and black blood
brag of equal opportunity, liberty and justice for all

It's the land of the free
if you pass all the right tests
too many fail from birth
making our life decisions before our conception

Elders berate youth; youth scorns elders
broken roots, strangled blooms, suicidal buds
Rampaging solves nothing
Silencer rides the status quo into the sunset

Jungle Law says OBEY
Economic law says WORK
holy law says LORD
don't know thyself; hate thyself

Corrupt world? Try self-fulfilling prophecy

The once-beauty of blue Earth
now only seen from moon-selfies,
copy-pasted like genetics, nesting, expression, living
...all artificial, self-domesticated

A domino ecosystem in a dark room
We trip and whine to gods for light
don't think (want) to remove our blindfolds,
hone our night vision again,
realize those predators don't lurk without

Cultural phobia of sleep
bleak dreams; time is money and good grades

Who can care about environmental impact
when we can't guarantee a roof or a breakfast

Throw spikes in my eyes because I see different, look different
Killing me means you win the argument we were not having

Pre-emptive strikes against our fears of becoming
-declawed -castrated -below nature -below others
-old -ugly -prey

Wilderness in slow-motion, freeze-frame
Animal soul is mine alone, it seems
Survival of the most adaptable, now truly "survival of the fittest"

If you've read this far and still ask,
"Why are you so angry?"
I will say,

Why aren't you?
Why are you so angry?




Venting my frustrations with the world the only way I know how: writing poetry.


This piece covers many different issues, such as various forms of discrimination (racism and sexism in particular); technology and environmentalism; war; domestic violence; economic struggles; political corruption; religious differences; the short-term memory of media coverage; and most significantly, a hyper-sexualizing, victim-blaming culture desensitized and generally apathetic to these issues.


Lately, these issues have become very apparent to me, and it aggravates me to no end that we (especially us Americans) claim to support ideals such as freedom and equality when such a claim couldn’t be further from the truth. Too many people are ignorant (unknowingly or otherwise) to these problems; I want to change that. Even if I alone can’t save the world, the least I can do is raise awareness and get more people to realize what’s going on.


Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about what I said here.
Wow, I haven't updated since June? Oops. Sweating a little...

The bad news is twofold: that I'm still having Internet issues, so I won't be on often anyway; and that I only have one poem to post right now, and it's graphic enough that some people may not want to read it.

This is the all-caps bit in the title of this journal: The poem that I will be posting soon, titled "Why are you so angry?", has trigger warnings for gore/violence, rape, and suicide mentions, among other things. This is just a heads-up for those who may want to avoid it for those reasons. If someone reads it and feels that other specific triggers should be given warnings, please tell me so I can add them!

Side note: don't panic if a bunch of my old journals disappear (from the "featured" section or completely) or licenses suddenly change; I'm cleaning house a bit. I may also rewrite/update some of them. In addition, I have a bunch of Witchvox essay ideas, especially for my "Lessons from the Lessers" series (which would actually be a series if I would finish and post more than one of the essays...). However, college comes first, as I've said time and time again. I thank you in advance for your patience!
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Rachel Iriswings
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
We come in peace!

I'm a Pokenerd, Avatar fan, formerly the world's biggest fangirl of Riku from Kingdom Hearts, a horror/fantasy/scifi fan, and an avid reader/writer/2D artist (though that doesn't mean I'm good at it). I am a college student working toward an accounting major.

I'm also an Eclectic Pagan; please respect my path as I respect yours. I am a member of Witchvox, also as Rachel Iriswings.

Any questions? If yes, then comment or message me, I'd love to talk! Oh, and I hand out llama badges if I think you're awesome. Doesn't take much to convince me.

These are a few of my favorite things~
Pokemon: Leafeon, but do I have to pick just ONE?!
Food: Either pasta or, definitely pasta
Color: I like every color (with Iris as my patron Goddess, how couldn't I?), but light blue is my favorite
Music: rock, metal, the occasional something else
Bands: My favorites are Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold, but otherwise it's hard to choose; this list goes on forever
Real Animal: Arctic fox, though there are far too many animals I like to list here
Mythical Creature: gryphon, kitsune
School Subject: mythology, psychology, biology, algebra/calculus
Genres: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action/adventure, mystery

Current Residence: West Michigan, United States
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal
Favourite photographer: Henry Townshend (lol)
Favourite style of art: anything and everything
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: Perception is reality. Everything is relative.

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