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The good news is that I have no classes this summer and therefore have a lot more free time. This will give me the chance I really needed to work on stuff for my personal religious practice, as well as maybe write more poetry and Witchvox essays. In fact, I already have two more poems that will be posted here after I finish this journal. If you're curious about what exactly the personal stuff is, that is the remainder of this journal.
  • I'm reorganizing my old Book of Shadows into what I'm calling a Mirror Book (because everything in the book is a reflection of myself and my practice at the time it was placed there). This involves completely overhauling any notes I already had as well as writing entirely new notes for things that have been added to my practice since I wrote the old BoS. It also involves figuring out a new layout/structure for the Book itself. Although I like the flow of information that I had before, I want the new Book to be convenient to search through while also condensing the notes to save paper and ink.
  • Notes on divination are a major part of the Mirror Book. My notes on the 13 Witches' Runes and gemstones are basically done and just need to be printed. I don't use my pendulum as a divination tool by itself, so notes for it will be minimal/nonexistent. The Tarot section, however is shaping up to be massive, and it will be a long time before those are ready to add to the Book. I went through the companion books/little white booklets that came with each deck that I own, picked out the meanings from the flowery poetry/prose and moral discussions, and put them in Word documents, one for each card. Those documents also have a section for meanings that I created using the Keyword Kaleidoscope method, and one the personal sections are complete, I will sort out the most common meanings from all those sources and put those meanings in their own section (that way, each card has a section of common meanings followed by the sections of specific interpretations from myself or the deck that I am using in the reading). I may further sort the meanings by whether I consider them positive, neutral, or negative, and I will need to add a section for the Tarot of Bones once I have my copy. I also want to purchase the Ghost Tarot and the Chronicles of Destiny oracle deck (which will mean adding them to the Mirror Book), and I am considering other decks such as the Psycards, though I don't expect to buy any more decks other than those first two. Finally, I have a deck of regular playing cards that I may/probably will develop correspondences for.
  • Non-divination-specific correspondences will take up very little space (most of my correspondences are/will be used in divination), but they are currently spread across many Word documents and notebook pages. I expect that reorganizing and condensing them won't take long.
  • Since my path is focused on the Greek pantheon (not Hellenic Polytheism, per se, but drawing heavy inspiration from it because those Gods are the only ones I worship now), I am trying to figure out what notes to include in the Mirror Book related to those Gods and practices. I already have some notes on the structure of the pantheon and the ancient Greek language.

One more side note: I offer free divination readings at


Rachel Iriswings
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a Pokenerd, an avid reader and poet, and a college student working toward an accounting/finance bachelor's degree. I'm a Solitary Eclectic Pagan drawing heavy inspiration from Hellenic Polytheism. I am also a member of Witchvox.

These are a few of my favorite things~
Pokemon: Leafeon (overall favorite), Xerneas (favorite legendary)
Monster Hunter monster: Teostra (and Lunastra, though I haven't yet played a game that she's in)
Food: Homemade lasagna
Color: I like every color (with Iris as my main Goddess, how couldn't I?), but light blue is my favorite
Music: rock, metal, the occasional something else
Real Animal: Arctic fox or caribou/reindeer
Mythical Creature: gryphon, dragon
School Subject: mythology, psychology, biology
Genres: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action/adventure

Current Residence: West Michigan, United States
Operating System: Windows 7 (laptop) or Android (phone)
Personal Quote: The glass is half full of water and half full of air and is therefore full.

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